On Set of 'The Never Was'

On Set - Behind the scenes
David Clark sets up a shot

Principle photography of 'The Never Was' : 17th August 2013

Directed by David Clarke (Doctor Who-Devious) and Produced by Mark Jones (Black Sheep Independent Films) this 50th anniversary fan-fiction mini adventure went in front of the cameras.

The set (re-painted by the king of props, Ashley) were provided by the Devious team (S.A.D) unfortunately the 'S', Stephen couldn't make it, but he'll be joining us for the second shoot.

Camera guy for the day was Paul Lawrence and the sound was recorded by Stephen Simpson. I must mention, even though Ashley is the prop King; Stephen made one every important prop for the production (I'll explain later!)

The rest of the crew were made up of old and new faces: Rob, Jane, Chris, Tim, Connor, Max, wives, children – special mention to Ashley's son for providing the sonic screwdriver.

Stunts and action and talent were provided by Bex Washington (Casey) Wayne De Strete (Wilton Musket) Kester Reece Longhurst (Devlin) Mark Jones (The Doctor) & (Special Guest!!)

Wayne and Kester are from 'The Stunt Action Specialists' (It's Wayne's company) and for the past 25 years they have provided live action stunt shows for corporate events, movie premieres (They do a great James Bond), Films and do 'Stunt Action days' at Pinewood Studios.

It was a long day, everyone worked hard and a lot of fun was had.

Enjoy these first few pictures. There will be plenty more to follow as we go into post-production.

Wilton Musket & The Doctor