Second & last filming day

The Black Magic camera rolled for the final shots on 'The Never Was' yesterday. It was a green screen shoot and it was good fun.

I will not give away too much, but what I can say is - boot polish, a buccaneers shirt and turtle neck sweaters were required.

The team were on fine form and there were a few giggles along the way......

So that's it! A ruff cut of the 'mini-adventure' has already been done and now with the final shots in the can an edit can now be locked down ready for post-production.

Special effects, sound and music will all be tackled over the next few weeks, so (With a bit of luck) we will be on course for finishing well before the 50th anniversary of our favorite television show :)

Another part of the post-production is the inclusion of the 'fan fiction' Doctor Who shows which will be great fun (I'll be pestering all those who have kindly given permission very soon).

And that's that!

There will be more back story 'stories' coming soon. More Pictures. A trailer for 'The Never Was'. Behind the scenes footage and...........stuff!!!! So keep following our progress.

Take care for now.