Post Production

Mark & David

Here are two members of the newly formed (M.A.D), the 'A' is working the camera on our 'Big' push night to get a lock down movie of 'The Never Was'. We got there in the end. It's off to the sound guy now for all the lovely sounds to be laid down now.

Also there is music (Not a new Doctor Who theme), but incidental music provided by Mick Paul  Mick and Mark have worked together on Mark's two feature films, Griffin & When All Is Said And Done, being the great chap that he is, Mick didn't mind lending his talent to produce some music for this fan fiction project (Only one stipulation - he wouldn't touch the Dr Who Theme as he felt that should only be done if one had been commissioned to do a new arrangement).

So while we wait for a final mix we shall carry on tweaking the visuals ready for it's release.


Mick Paul