The ongoing 'Was' that was 'Never'

The ongoing 'Was' that was 'Never'

Who would have thought that material filmed in a day, way back in August 2013 would have taken all this time to put together! It was meant to be a fun little Fan Fiction project to pop out onto You Tube to join the many other Doctor Who Fan related stuff in time for the shows 50th Anniversary........Well blow me down – I haven't written anything since April on here, the 51st Anniversary as just passed by and....................It's still not finished. What has happened?

Well Ashley, David and I have been hooking up once a week, most weeks, in the evening to work on The Never Was, so special effects have been coming along, music, colour grading............with real life – jobs, family, animals, life and stuff getting in the way it just seems to be taking forever! There just isn't enough time to do stuff, there used to be. Days felt longer, you could fit more in; crumbs: I've produced two feature films, but like the natural decay of things (Spinal compression for example) time is getting shorter! What's a guy to do?

On the up side we are down to the last bits of the sound mixing and a little polish of the corners and an end is in sight! Finally.......Only 2 weddings, Blake's Legend (Another fan fiction thing) & Devious (The 20 year plus fan fiction love letter; in the making) Then I can start with a clean slate......or retire.....or I might even have died by then – the decay of life taking it's natural course.

There's just so much to do and so little time – Right! So within a matter of weeks (Before Christmas) The Never was should be gracing your computer monitor.......Marvellous :)


Dalek ships are coming