Blake's Legend and other movies.....In the beginning-ish!

For over 20 years I've been film making. Starting of with a Camcorder-C and tape to tape editing to filming on a Black Magic camera, the sound being recorded and treated, original music being composed, even having my own film premieres in cinemas!!! It's been a blast and many of the same people have been along for the ride. Filming in carboard space ships, sand quarrys, Gatwick Airport and my livingroom - Wow. Below is a selection of bits and bobs.

The Black Sheep Showreel: clips of my past projects

Blake's Legend Episode 1

Filmed over 15 years ago....lost...found (Some tried to forget) & now on the inter-web in Web-i-sode. Here it is....

For episode 1 you have to go to the You tube page for now.

Episode 2


My First feature film 'Griffin' 10 years ago! Gosh! Starring Chris Ellison (The Bill) Hugh Lloyd (Lots of stuff) and Sylvester McCoy as Grim the Griffin (Well his voice anyway) First shown at a Spanish film festival in 2004 and then had it's British Premiere at the Dome Cinema in Worthing (AH! The Glam of showbiz,) We played to a sold out cinema - cool :)


Griffin even had a song written for it! Fantastic


The trailer to my second Feature film 'When All Is Said And Done' Shown at the Connaught Theater in 2008 (Movie to follow shortly)