get involved !

get involved !

incoming message from Mark Jones...

The Never Was: an Inter-web-Mini Adventure-isode ?

Calling all Doctor Who fan fiction movie makers! - if you have made your own 'Who' adventure I would like you to contact me (Mark Jones) via the form below at as I would love to involve as many of you as I can in this special project.


Black Sheep Independent Films has made several short films and two feature movies and I've known the Devious team since the early 90s.  (The shot above shows us at work).

the Devious connection

I've enjoyed following and helping out the whole Devious project and it's inspired me to join in the Doctor's 50th anniversary year. So with the help of the Devious crew I have decided to make a Inter-web-Mini Adventure-isode, Sequel/Prequel (Well it is a time travel show) to Devious (– the exciting adventure the Doctor had in-between ‘The War Games’ & ‘Spearhead from space).’

so far...

We have a script, a Doctor a Companion. and sets. A pre-visualisation of the show will be happening next – followed by some more tinkering with the script.

A future Doctor and companion will see something which has arrived through time and space initially from the Devious timeline and possibly via alternate universes. It will show that The Doctor has had many many more incarnations than he could have imagined. His "Devious" departure from his expected timeline - i.e. the Interim Doctor (played by Tony Garner) may not have been the only one. He has had many incarnations over the years - hinting that the eleven we have seen on TV are not the only ones. The way that we will see these other adventures is where you would come in - i.e. we would like to include brief few-second clips of as many fan films as we can.

As we are putting the project together I hope to hear from lots and lots of Doctor Who fan film makers – I need your assistance in this audacious plan to celebrate Doctor Who, the only way we fans who own a camera and that's to make our own love letter to the best show on the box.

Mark Jones