Madness of the "The Pre-Viz"

The "Pre-Viz" - Mark's first attempt to run through the action and get a feel for the piece. Noted thespians Ashley Mark and David chew the scenery here. We're just giving you some snippets, just enough to wonder just how they managed to get anything at all out of it! And there's no scenery either - just a bin.

Good grief.

The Madness that was the Pre-Viz.
Mark decided it would be a good idea to have a kind of walk-through of The Never Was fan movie. Using the stunning acting talents of cohorts David and Ashley he managed to create something entirely, er well, something - let's leave it at that. Quite how this transforms into the final version is still a mystery to all of us. Nevertheless - The Never Was was finally achieved - a fan film homage to Doctor Who.
note the dalek in storage!