The "Eye of God" etc etc

The Eye of God - it seems

The Eye of God. Blasphemy! How dare you! Well, the guys at Devious have always liked the various photos of Eye of God  which is a distant galaxy / nebulae (/whatever) which looks a lot like an eye. And so it has been incorporated into The Never Was. Hopefully you'll see it a number of times if you keep a look out. There's no plot significance or anything - it just looks neat! Just in case you think we didn't put The Never Was out over Christmas because of this potential clash with the religious season - well no - we just hadn't fixed the final sound mix. And as for God, or god if you prefer - well we're keeping our own particular preferences well out of it! Discussions on religion happen elsewhere. Serious things happen elsewhere. This is The Never Was after all. There is nothing to do with religion, any religion, in The Never Was. There's enough problems in the world with people fighting over their beliefs. Do you ever get the feeling the paragraph you're typing could not only have ended ages ago, but perhaps never even started?

Mind you, now you come to mention it, we did film at the Christian Outreach Centre in Sussex. Well they were great and gave us a good deal for the few days!

Distraction over - back to the countdown! And to tide you over until the next video countdown item here's a few other photos from the production...


Another piece from Marcia...
is it a bird? - see countdown item 10 for a better understanding of this image
Paul checking out the Black Magic
so, we'll go with the red then?
the plot device
can I hear seagulls? - or is it the entire RAF massing on Eastbourne
what's so amusing, prey?
is it the acting?
union says there must be a tea break
technology, with expert (Chris Kirk of Blake's Legend fame in fact)
now there's a set of legs
more legs...
now all I want you to do is...
The Never Was - a fan film homage to Doctor Who