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Monday 5th May 2014

Just as a side step....I mentioned before that I do a few different things with my time and one of those things is story telling and just the other day I was sent somewhere in England by my agent and I got to dress up as Indiana Jones and tell stories! Well I called my self Indy's half Welsh brother, 'Dakota Brown' and told of the amazing adventure of when I was sent 'Three Million Years Before Lunch' and had to battle the Grand Lord Admiral Heavy Dude Bad Guy.

This was a story I created with 3 old chums back in the dim an distant. Ah! I knew they would come in handy one day :)

Wednesday 30th April 2014

The end of sad....Always liked April, but May could be cool! Yes, The Never Was is so close! So many things have happened that have no relation to The Never Was, that I'm not going to talk about them. Boring normal stuff.

On a marvelous note a lovely lady who does terrific art work has added me to her fan fiction collection and drawn me with the great 'Interim' Devious Doctor. How cool is that....Well, it's cool to me.

What I will mention has been a collaboration with an old chum to complete a forgotten fan fiction movie of Blake's 7. This was a sequel show filmed with great love over 15 years ago. Feared (Hoped by some!) to be lost under Chris's bed, but (To the horror of the Director Robert) Found; digitized by David and re-constructed by myself and put onto the inter-web in web-i-sode format for all to enjoy. We are up to episode 2. I've created a page on this site, as I know you'll want to see them....and if you don't then they are still there for you to ignore...Oh! And my first feature movie 'Griffin'.

Hopefully some real news soon.




Monday 19th August 2013
Kester Reece Longhurst as Deverlin with Wayne De Streate as Wilton Musket

The Never Was (If only..........!!!)

Part one

Even thought this mini adventure has a beginning/a middle/& an end my thoughts, when writing, go beyond the page as I think of each character (Who they are, where they came from.) and if I was writing a novel or a Doctor Who (45min) script, even a 90min long movie; then I could really flesh out these characters who have been bouncing around my mind for the last 4 months.

So....with that in mind let me tell you a tail. A tail about an artificial planet; thousands of years in the future. This engineered bio-sphere belongs to the Japanese, but these days they are not just one of the biggest manufactures/exporters in the world, they are one of the biggest in the 12 galaxies. So big that their factories have to be the size of a small moon. A few years ago they thought that one moon sized planet would be big enough to satisfy the galaxies demand for their products, but no. They just got bigger, so now they have five engineered bio-spheres. The Japanese call them J.E.B (1,2,3,4 & 5) or the long way round, Japan's Engineered Bio-sphere (1,2,3,4 & 5). The Japanese are very logical.

These moon sized factories are run by genetically engineered factory drones. They are four foot high, blue in colour with skin the texture of pasta; heated to perfection, then left to go cold! They are called Daves', the name of their creator's (a Japanese man called Abu Shimabukuro) favourite cat. They waddle around on their flipper like feet and they live to pack boxes. Now these factory drones have only ever learned one word and that word is 'CUBE'. They have actually built a whole dialect on speaking only that one word.

Hence, to the Japanese disgust, these bio-spheres have become known as 'CUBE WORLD'.............(1,2,3,4 & 5) – no one could think up an amusing nick name for the numbers!!!!

And it is on Cube World Five that a mysterious object has been found........



Next time: Wilton Musket and his arch nemesis Devlin.

Picture of Cube World
Tuesday 23rd July 2013
Look out! Chickens!

The third Black Sheep Blog: The story so far............

This project has been fun - and it's not over yet! There are still lines to learn, a set to put up, film the thing, edit, special effects, sound and music to do! I'll tell you one thing - I love making movies. It's great fun!



Wednesday 3rd July 2013
Heather Wilds - actress

Instead of writing a load of words I thought I'd share this short film made by the Black Sheep crew. It's a production I wrote for Heather.

The 'Who' connection with this one is; Heather is in 'Devious'.


Tuesday 25th June 2013
Griffins are total abstainers

I mentioned in my first blog about dreams and how they come true in the most unlikely of ways and never quite how you imagined they would, but I neglected to mention that you still have to knuckle down and work at making them happen.

As in all things problems arise ‘gotchas’ for want of a better word and it is how you deal with these gotchas that dictate how much you move forward with chasing the dream – While making ‘Griffin’ I had the unfortunate happening of the lead actor dropping out at the 11th hour. Now most projects would have stalled (especially zero budget projects where you are relying on a certain amount of good will and the trust of others to help keep the momentum going) and it leaves one procrastinating – now do this for too long and the whole thing could grind to a halt. So do you apply the breaks (The fear is once you stop you might not be able to get the ball rolling again) or do you side step and keep going. Knowing that certain things had been put into the diary (Locations and actors booked for set dates) I had to keep the project going, so I ended up taking the lead role myself!!!! Sounds fun (Write the theme tune! Sing the theme tune!) But I was trying to make a feature movie, not create a self indulgent ‘It’s all about me’ show – that only me, myself and my Sunday best would enjoy. I was in the process of creating a credible family feature film and it was on the brink of failing! But (and here’s the trick) with the trust and good will of the team I had put together. (Simon my DOP effectively becoming the second director, Rob becoming a production manager and Stephen my ever fantastic sound guy during production, post and beyond – we pulled it off!

It was a lot of hard work, but worth it and bar the odd change the team has stayed pretty much the same for the last 10 years or so – trust and good will! And making sure that the whole project was a collaborative one and everyone’s input was heard and talents utilised. And if I can do it (Twice now on the feature film front) anyone can.

Having fun with a serious intent – that has been my motto I have stood by since I began film making and now after a second feature (Not the lead role this time, but I had to fill the shoes of the side kick role) I’ve managed to concentrate on just certain sides of a production. Directing, writing and even acting (with another director brought in to run the show) You can do everything (with help) but the end product does suffer – one has to abstain! I adore all sides of a production, but I have to hold myself back from time to time.

This time round I have produced this mini adventure, but because The Doctor is one of my boyhood hero’s I know I’d never forgive myself if I never gave the part a go myself (Little dream – never they way you think it) And since this will be my only chance to play The Doctor I have managed to bring on board David Clarke to direct (He’ll do a cracking job) and with using the sets from Devious, guest star roles by some of the cast. Some stunt work from ‘The Stunt Action Specialists’ (More about them later) Maybe a creature or two I hope that this next project will be a fab fan fiction mini adventure.

Monday 24th June 2013
Dreams are more real than bananas

It only occurred to me the other day – 'dreams do come true' – in very strange and unexpected ways. They happen and sometimes you don't even realise it......I'll give you an example.

I've always dreamed about making a movie and going to the premier (The stuff of dreams eh?) but back in the summer of 2004 the Executive Producer and myself found ourselves being interviewed by a Spanish television crew and then we sat in an auditorium, surrounded by strangers – the lights went down and a movie began to movie! My zero budget feature film and not just a talky type of indie movie, but a family adventure which had a walking, talking Griffin (animatronic) in it – voiced by Sylvester McCoy (Another dream come true – loved him as the Doctor – and I got to hire and direct him – how great is that!) The audience even clapped at the end! Bonker! The film has it's issues, but it is a sweet film with a big heart! And there you go – It didn't hit me till years later. I alway thought that if I was to ever make a movie that I would have to have been fortunate in carving out a film making career for myself – OK – not quite there yet, but we did it! Twice – a second feature followed in 2008 and since then other things have happened.

I never thought I would be fortunate to find myself filming at Pinewood Studios, but I did, a few times – I film Stunt Action days at Pinewood Studios for the Stunt Action Specialists. I film them train people and then I get to direct the mini movie we shoot as part of the day. OK I'm not shooting a big budget movie (Which would be like a personal Lotto win), but yet again I find another dream coming true – it's odd, things happen and you never realise.

Of course Doctor Who – loved it as a kid watching it with my family and since then I have found myself watching the show with my own son. I would love to film the show, write a story – something, but now here I am and I find myself producing a Dr Who – a fan fiction mini adventure, but what the hey! Another little dream and I'll do all that I can to make it a great little adventure.

I adore film making and I am always fascinated and delighted when, in an odd unexpected way, dreams come true.......I even won the lotto once.....I had no money and I got £10, I got to pick up my Dr Who Magazine, a tin of cola and some e-numbers! And I walked home and sat in my garden; took in the sun and I eat, drank and read – it was great!