A Word from The Black Sheep

The intrim Doctor and a parallel Doctor?

The end of April.......how sad....Always liked April, but May could be cool! Yes, The Never Was is so close....so close! So many things have happened that have no relation to The Never Was, that I'm not going to talk about them. Boring normal stuff.

On a marvelous note a lovely lady who does terrific art work has added me to her fan fiction collection and drawn me with the great 'Interim' Devious Doctor. How cool is that....Well, it's cool to me.

What I will mention has been a collaboration with an old chum to complete a forgotten fan fiction movie of Blake's 7. This was a sequel show filmed with great love over 15 years ago. Feared (Hoped by some!) to be lost under Chris's bed, but (To the horror of the Director Robert) Found; digitized by David and re-constructed by myself and put onto the inter-web in web-i-sode format for all to enjoy. We are up to episode 2. I've created a page on this site, as I know you'll want to see them....and if you don't then they are still there for you to ignore...Oh! And my first feature movie 'Griffin'.

Hopefully some real news soon.