If only...........

Kester Reece Longhurst as Deverlin with Wayne De Streate as Wilton Musket

The Never Was (If only..........!!!)

Part one

Even thought this mini adventure has a beginning/a middle/& an end my thoughts, when writing, go beyond the page as I think of each character (Who they are, where they came from.) and if I was writing a novel or a Doctor Who (45min) script, even a 90min long movie; then I could really flesh out these characters who have been bouncing around my mind for the last 4 months.

So....with that in mind let me tell you a tail. A tail about an artificial planet; thousands of years in the future. This engineered bio-sphere belongs to the Japanese, but these days they are not just one of the biggest manufactures/exporters in the world, they are one of the biggest in the 12 galaxies. So big that their factories have to be the size of a small moon. A few years ago they thought that one moon sized planet would be big enough to satisfy the galaxies demand for their products, but no. They just got bigger, so now they have five engineered bio-spheres. The Japanese call them J.E.B (1,2,3,4 & 5) or the long way round, Japan's Engineered Bio-sphere (1,2,3,4 & 5). The Japanese are very logical.

These moon sized factories are run by genetically engineered factory drones. They are four foot high, blue in colour with skin the texture of pasta; heated to perfection, then left to go cold! They are called Daves', the name of their creator's (a Japanese man called Abu Shimabukuro) favourite cat. They waddle around on their flipper like feet and they live to pack boxes. Now these factory drones have only ever learned one word and that word is 'CUBE'. They have actually built a whole dialect on speaking only that one word.

Hence, to the Japanese disgust, these bio-spheres have become known as 'CUBE WORLD'.............(1,2,3,4 & 5) – no one could think up an amusing nick name for the numbers!!!!

And it is on Cube World Five that a mysterious object has been found........



Next time: Wilton Musket and his arch nemesis Devlin.

Picture of Cube World