1. Dreams are more real than bananas

Dreams are more real than bananas

It only occurred to me the other day – 'dreams do come true' – in very strange and unexpected ways. They happen and sometimes you don't even realise it......I'll give you an example.

I've always dreamed about making a movie and going to the premier (The stuff of dreams eh?) but back in the summer of 2004 the Executive Producer and myself found ourselves being interviewed by a Spanish television crew and then we sat in an auditorium, surrounded by strangers – the lights went down and a movie began to play.....my movie! My zero budget feature film and not just a talky type of indie movie, but a family adventure which had a walking, talking Griffin (animatronic) in it – voiced by Sylvester McCoy (Another dream come true – loved him as the Doctor – and I got to hire and direct him – how great is that!) The audience even clapped at the end! Bonker! The film has it's issues, but it is a sweet film with a big heart! And there you go – It didn't hit me till years later. I alway thought that if I was to ever make a movie that I would have to have been fortunate in carving out a film making career for myself – OK – not quite there yet, but we did it! Twice – a second feature followed in 2008 and since then other things have happened.

I never thought I would be fortunate to find myself filming at Pinewood Studios, but I did, a few times – I film Stunt Action days at Pinewood Studios for the Stunt Action Specialists. I film them train people and then I get to direct the mini movie we shoot as part of the day. OK I'm not shooting a big budget movie (Which would be like a personal Lotto win), but yet again I find another dream coming true – it's odd, things happen and you never realise.

Of course Doctor Who – loved it as a kid watching it with my family and since then I have found myself watching the show with my own son. I would love to film the show, write a story – something, but now here I am and I find myself producing a Dr Who – a fan fiction mini adventure, but what the hey! Another little dream and I'll do all that I can to make it a great little adventure.

I adore film making and I am always fascinated and delighted when, in an odd unexpected way, dreams come true.......I even won the lotto once.....I had no money and I got £10, I got to pick up my Dr Who Magazine, a tin of cola and some e-numbers! And I walked home and sat in my garden; took in the sun and I eat, drank and read – it was great!