Synopsis - more detailed?

An unknown future(?) Doctor is seen in his TARDIS with his companion having just survived a scrape.

He receives a contact via the console (or whatever) from an old friend – a certain “Wilton Musket” who informs him that he has discovered a mysterious cube with strange, possibly Gallifreyan, markings.

Immediately piloting the TARDIS to the planet of the *** the Doctor and his assistant discover that they are not the only ones after the artifact. As they exit the Police Box they are forced to duck from a hail of fire as they meet their contact and recover the object.

Plugging the artifact into the console they discover it is a black box – a safety recording device. It fires up and they see holograms of it first recording – three TimeLord characters from the “Devious” (fan film) story who are programming the device in case things were to go wrong with their intended manipulation of the Doctor between his normal regenerations.

And now as the TARDIS is attacked- the black box is again activated and we see more projections. The box takes control of the TARDIS scanner screen and we start to see a series of excerpts from other adventures featuring The Doctor. *

But which Doctor? Future incarnations – alternate universe incarnations? We are not sure.

As we return to the current Doctor we join in his realization and joy as he sees that he is not the lone figure travelling throughout time and space. Wherever, everywhere, everywhen – there has been, or will be...

The Doctor


  • - yes – you've guessed it - the clips we are seeing on the scanner from these other adventures of The Doctor are clips from the many excellent fan films that have been produced over the years. These clips need to be the best you have – where we see the best of the character, the best effects, the best monsters or just the bits you think really personify the incarnation you have created.