about us - a brief synopsis

On a distant planet Wilton Musket, college professor of archaeology and famous inter-galactic explorer, discovers a mysterious object with, what appears to be, Gallifreyan markings on it.

Wilton, who knows The Doctor, summons him to investigate the strange box. As The Doctor and his companion, Casey, arrives they are attacked by an enemy who are also interested in the strange box.

To stop the planet from being destroyed The Doctor Takes the box off the planet and the enemy give chase.........

This is where the clips of other fan fiction Doctor Who films are needed – as The Doctor goes on a journey through parallel universes and discovers all this other versions of himself.

This project is intended to be a celebration of our favourite television show and to give a big cheer to all the fan fiction film maker who have put in lots of hard work creating their own 'Who' movies.

I know that there are other fan fiction 50th anniversary films being made and I look forward to seeing them as I have enjoyed trolling through the internet seeking out other fan fiction projects.

I look forward to contacting – hearing from and conversing with as many fan fiction film makers as I can.